Creator of gluten free pudding cake kits - Supplying Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason....
Norfolk based, (originally N.Ireland) Previously an employee with Delia, and programme researcher on MasterChef


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Tom Conran’s gorgeous deli in Nottinghill

valrhona 56% cocoa chocolate orange polenta pudding cake


This is a real favourite with my children; the 56% cocoa with a hint of orange, the healthy addition of polenta and ground almonds, by using olive oil rather than butter (the almonds naturally buttery)……

almond, poppy seed and cranberry pudding cake


What’s inside that bag….


Cranberries and flaked almonds for the top of cake, ground almonds and poppy seeds, natural cane sugar, organic polenta, vanilla powder, gluten free baking powder…

By simply adding eggs, olive oil and milk - what could be healthier…


and baking for 30 minutes;  a wheat and gluten free pudding cake for ten people. Simply serve with creme fraiche or ice cream, or dust with icing for a celebration.  


70% cocoa chocolate and sour cherry pudding cake


By just adding eggs, milk, olive oil….


baking for just 30 minutes……


serve warm with creme fraiche or ice cream.., for amazing 10 people


A slice of my 70% cocoa chocolate and sour cherry pudding cake mixes.  It’s fudgy, it’s gooey, it has almonds which are naturally buttery, SO just add eggs, olive oil and milk…  Serves amazing 10

All the way from California

My wife and I met you in London in late March at Fortnum & Mason. You were demonstrating your product. We had a few samples and enjoyed it. We ended up purchasing 3 of your wonderfully flavored Love2Bake products. We brought them back home to California and we absolutely love them!

Any chance I can persuade you to ship to California. We can order in bulk to make it worth shipping.

Fortnum and Masons Artisan Market

Another happy customer…..

I just wanted to say thank you for making great, amazing mixes.  My 3 year old son has coeliac disease, so cannot eat any wheat or gluten.  (My husband, on the other hand, is biased against anything that is gluten-free.)  However, our whole family loves your mixes.  Our favourite is the chocolate with sour cherries.  We make it in a pan shaped like the Easter Bunny and my 3 & 5 year old sons think the ears and tail taste the best.

As a parent of a child who needs to be gluten-free, I have found it hard at times to be enthusiastic about baking for and with my coeliac son.  But we love your mixes.

Thank you.  Ann

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